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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yuck Cold, Hope My Eggs Don't Bust, & Possum Too

Well it was spring for a week and now it's winter again. I quess it's redbud winter since our trees are blooming. I have left 6 eggs each in two nests in the chicken house since early last week and now it has turned cold and I sure do hope they stay warm enough not to freeze and bust. I have my heart set on new baby chicks.  And on another note, we keep having a possum visitor at night who comes to eat our cat food, but guess what...I opened the door the other morning and guess who was visiting in broad daylight for breakfast. Yep, Mr. Possum... or Miss? It even stayed around long enough for a picture and a few more bites. And while it was eating there were 2 of my cats napping in a chair on the porch not 5 feet from the possum. Here's a pic of Mr/Miss Possum too.

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  1. Lol, I had a possum in the middle of the chicken coop when I opened the door, not too long ago. I screamed, closed the door and like a magic trick he/she was gone (just hiding). Luckily my husband is handy and we patched up where it came in. They are cute when they don't surprise you though. Good luck with the chicks. I love Spring and all the babies.