I am a lover of all things old. Rusty things, vintage things, broken old things, found things, thrift store buys, anything I remember from my childhood, and things I saw at my Gran's house when I was little. I love using them in old ways as they were intended or sometimes new altered and mosaic ways, as long as they are not thrown away. I am a country living and loving woman. I love Jesus, my husband, my kids, my grandkids, my family, my dogs, my cats and my chickens, ducks, and rabbit. Gardening is my summer love and long summer days in the yard under the shade tree with my sisters and the breeze blowing. Ahhhh. Life is good.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy Egg

Ok so ever once in a while we get a really strange looking egg from our laying hens. Now is one of those times. I always get such a kick out of it. I think it is really a very neat thing. And YES I have included pictures. I put one of their regular shaped eggs next to the strange egg. This time it was elongated. Once we had one that looked like it had a waistline tied up in the middle. It has rained ALL DAY, so maybe our hens were not to happy to lay today. I don't blame them.

Ha Ha "The long and short of it"......oh and by the way the background in these pictures is my mosaic coffee table that I made.

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